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Many people report skin health benefits and faster injury healing from red light therapy, which uses a cold laser to increase energy production inside cells. At Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice, PLLC in Garnerville, Park Slope area of Brooklyn, Somers, and Pelham, New York, as well as the two offices in Scarsdale, New York, Rondalph Taylor, MD, offers red light therapy for a wide range of healing purposes. To schedule a consultation for red light therapy, call the nearest office or click the online booking button right away.

Red Light Therapy Q&A

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What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a nontraditional and noninvasive treatment option for a variety of wounds, musculoskeletal conditions, and skin health conditions. The technique uses a low-level laser, also called a cold laser, which emits red light wavelengths. 

The diverse potential of red light therapy exists thanks to red light’s ability to strengthen the mitochondria and increase energy production inside cells. With more cellular energy, your body’s healing processes function more efficiently for cell rejuvenation and damage repair. 

Red light therapy is different from other laser treatments because it doesn’t stimulate healing by causing damage to your skin or tissues. Red light is a safe form of light, and you don’t need to avoid it as you do ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or tanning beds. 

Which conditions benefit from red light therapy?

Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice Pllc offers red light therapy to serve several treatment purposes. The treatment has the potential to improve a range of conditions and injuries, including:

Skin conditions

From cold sores to sun damage to acne to hair loss, red light therapy can benefit many common skin conditions and lesions. It can also rejuvenate your skin and improve your complexion even if you aren’t targeting specific features. 


Ulcers or slow-healing wounds may heal faster after red light therapy. This is because the treatment stimulates collagen growth and blood vessel growth while also helping reduce inflammation, which inhibits healing. 

Musculoskeletal pain

Some forms of musculoskeletal pain, such as Achilles tendinitis or osteoarthritis in the joints, can benefit from the reduction in inflammation and improved healing that comes from red light therapy. 

Does red light therapy have side effects?

While going over all of your treatment options at Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice Pllc, your provider can address your questions and any concerns you have about options like red light therapy. Red light therapy doesn’t cause damage to your skin or tissues like UV light does, and the therapy itself is painless.

You should always visit a professional for red light therapy treatments and avoid using home red light therapy devices, which are easy to misuse and can cause burns or eye damage if you use them incorrectly. 

If you’d like to learn more about red light therapy and see if it fits into your treatment plan, call Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice Pllc for an appointment or schedule a visit online today.